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Trying to Understand Someone Who Self-Injures
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Listen if you like Taoism, Burning Man, and Arca. Charli XCX ft. The three artists mourn the mistakes they made to their past lovers and ask for a reply to an apology text left on read!!!

Search for anagrams discovered by author 'Mick Tully'

Brasstracks ft. Last week, Brasstracks slid into my Release Radar playlist with their latest track. Let this feel-good track quell your end-of-summer woes. Senseless cruelty is tough to grasp. You live with the immediate effects, the hurt and self-doubt that stew in your thoughts during the worst of it, but then you dwell on what motivates people to act on their worst impulses, to betray trust, to tear each other down.

The letting go can be as bitter as the strike itself. The wondering why can cloud your mind long afterward, like the pervasive smell of smoke that follows a fire.

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The feeling is quite like having another person take up residence inside your head, soaking up time and emotional resources, just making you angry. But Charlie knew better, warned himself, and hooked up with this woman anyway! Was it his ex-girlfriend Halston Sage? CP Family , we await the results of your federal investigation.

Rejoice: Missy Elliott has released a new mixtape, Iconology , and a new video to go with. Bald backup dancers; Missy on the moon, jumping rope with braids; and enough wild lipstick colors to go around. As I made my way through the hills from West Hollywood to Echo Park, I was tempted by the fantasy of missing my flight back to New York and completely uprooting my lifestyle in favor of this sun-kissed bliss. When you spend a whole afternoon streaming a song on loop, it changes you.

Please bury me in the sand, Lana. Youth is a feeling most of us forget. It gets ripped out from us as life becomes more about tasks, responsibilities, consumption, and capitalism. We infantilize the idea of it. We think they have it easy, that we know better. In one day, Finneas gave us a headlining tour schedule , an EP announcement, and a brand-new song.

Bless this beautiful Friday. Don McLennon and Matt Champion spit two verses of unapologetic raps on an otherwise confused and melancholy song. Towards the end of the track Kevin Abstract yes, I know just his name gets you hot chimes in on the bridge, rapping once again about … passports. Wake up, drive to the beach, iron out some melodies, rinse, and repeat.

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At a dinner party in Williamsburg, band members Max Vehuni and Benji Cormack outline the daily routine that went into the making of their upcoming album, komorebi , due in September. Time will tell. Its nostalgic simplicity is nostalgic in that way — going back to the basics of the genre suits Normani well. We see you. Last September in Long Beach, Big Thief were playing a mid-afternoon slot at a festival to an unfamiliar crowd.

The more songs they played, the closer the audience moved toward the four-piece, and with that, more Big Thief fans were converted. They are a traveling band in every sense, hawking their gorgeous songs about tiny and enormous catastrophes from pillar to post. But no dice. Until now. This just might be their finest song ever — adding to their catalogue of near supernatural excellence.

Search for anagrams discovered by author 'Mick Tully'

It suits the fact that the song is an ode to the New York skyline, capturing a moment of throwing open the curtains and staring out at the man-made beauty of those tall towers stacked proudly next to one another. She also fell in love in that time. You can hear her heart swell as the body of it builds. Chill, sophisticated, high as a kite. I share a few things with the powerhouse trio that is Muna, among them a love of Y2K fashion and a scandalized alma mater. Alex G, you got me again. Megan Thee Stallion ft.

Also: the incredible generosity of this trio to release it on my birthday.

Their minds! Should I take that dick? Which is fine. This is a time to cry and mourn and feel the exhaustion, but to also channel the pain into action. Lana Del Rey took a flight back from Montecito, phoned her producer Jack Antonoff, and immediately hit the studio to process her feelings about the multiple massacres over the weekend. The Big Moon are typically a twangy-based indie fourpiece from London.

They experienced the type of success on their debut LP that most pub-dwelling British bands could only dream of, including a prestigious Mercury prize nomination. The test for such bands is always in proving that they have more tricks up their sleeve. In the wake of the after-party, the year-old artist sits on the floor wearing a deadpan expression.

Does it make you fall in love with me? Haim have consistently been a band about joy — joy for the love of music, which they are dedicated students of. Youngest sister Alana barely even applied to colleges, so certain that she was going to be in a band with her sisters. In music, they find happiness. So Haim turn to the masters. As Danielle explained in a social media post, the song began to come together as a little ode to cheer her partner and its co-producer Ariel Rechtshaid while she was on the road and he was at home sick with cancer.

It can provide a smile through struggle. It can bring sun to gray skies. It can reignite your faith in love when all you want to do is cry. I felt so seen in the narratives of misfits that refused to conform to the status quo, desperate to fast-forward to the next stage of their young adult lives where they would be accepted as their truest selves. Gah, the minds of women are so powerful! Rap music moves faster than we can process it. Because of this perpetual forward movement, fans are always looking for the next thing. Of course, he did not do that. It would have been ridiculous and unnecessary.

At first, it feels like an outro, but it quickly becomes something more than a throwaway capstone. In the video, lead singer Arrow de Wilde makes clown makeup great again while practicing her exorcist routine. Meanwhile, the boys look like they ambushed a Depop store. They seem cool. Even when Brockhampton makes low-key or overwhelmingly dark tracks, the rap group that has decided to call themselves a boy band tends to lean cartoony.

Usually this manifests in brightly colored videos, or moments of childlike exuberance. Instead it seems designed to rebuke those who felt like Brockhampton were riding the boy-band gimmick too hard — this is purely a strong, unflashy mid-album rap track recontextualized as a single. Finally, finally Taylor will let her guard down and rest — fighting is so exhausting.

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Chance the Rapper feat. Yes, Ben Gibbard! Chance, of course, is excellent on the track as well, romantically remembering days past velcro shoes and not-so-past Will Smith as Genie. The song melts various memories into one long summer — perhaps, even, days of them? Greta Thunberg, a year-old climate-change activist, does. When I listened to what Thunberg had to say, when I heard the way the were engaging with their audiences, when I imagined Matthew Healy giving his stage to another leader half his age because she believes that we still have time to make a difference, it actually calmed me down.

I think this is going to be a worldwide phenomenon. The New Orleans artist and songwriter passes the test with aplomb. May you finish your summer with the same confidence. She is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend everybody deserves. Vivian Girls, disciples of the s noise-pop implosion, took their love of joyful girl-group harmonies, the Ramones, and bright, blown-out guitar fuzz and transformed into extraordinary mp3 blog fodder. Except, of course, their songs were timeless compared to the forgettable riffing that dominated New York City warehouse venues and college radio in , and as women in a DIY network ruled by dudes, they were progenitors of whatever progress the space has encountered in the years since their disbandment.

What an effortlessly breezy and beautiful new song from Chicago greats Wilco, whose 14th!