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Jaipur: Aadi Publications. Global Fraternity of Poets. Lost Tower Publications, Delhi: Authorpress. ISBN: April Edited by Tamaso Lonsdale. Allahabad: Cyberwit. Year New Delhi: AdhyanPublishers. Edited by Dr. Hidden Brook Press. December 28, January 06, December 26, December 13, December 1, November 29, November 07, October 28, October 20, September 30, September 25, September 20, September 07, September 06, September 04, August 26, August 25, June-July August 20, August 01, August 9, July 29, July 22, July 21, July 19, July 14th, June 25, June 11, June 07, March April I, Issue — 4, March February 07, Translated into Telugu.

Jan 12, November Issue 26, October 1st April 29, Magazine: Family of Abound Creative Energies. April 13, May 14, 3 2 , Issue X. ISSN - X. Issue No. June 14, English daily. Number 1. FromChandigarh, India.

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Vol 4. July-Sep River Poets Journal. November 18, July- August. Tuski magazine. September 9.

July Link: www. Musings: A Mosaic. International Journal on Multi-culture Literature. Poets International. A Hudson View. South Africa. November 14, N Surendra. Published in Muse India. Nov-Dec Transcendent Zero Press Houston, Texas, Musings of Desire: Poems.

Price: Rs published on Boloji. February 06, April-June Authorspress, New Delhi, India. Reviewed by Rob Harle — Nimbin, Australia. Reviewed by Rob Harle in Tuck Magazine. D guide in English by the University of Mumbai since December University of Mumbai. Destiny Poets.

Archive | Modern Drummer Magazine |

The Indian English theatre and a mask. Vol 3.

ISSN No. The Enchanting Verses. Online Resource. Indian Journal of Post Colonial Literatures. Ideology and Literature: the Legacy of AlthusserReconsidered. DrBabasahebAmbedkarMarathwada University. More than 1, news articles published. Phil students guided.

D scholars registered with University of Mumbai, Mumbai. On a couple of occasions multiple issues were produced and issued simultaneously as an economy measure. While not intended as a continuation of Eerie Country at the time it was published, Weirdbook Sampler was sent to EC subscribers, who were told it counted as issue 10 for subscription purposes, and when Weirdbook Encores subsequently appared, it started with A somewhat elitist review noted now for its poetry by T. English-language monthly magazine covering Egyptian current affairs and some international news that has published some fiction.


Subtitled "a journal of creative adventure", the aim of Elan Vital is to "integrate all forms of creative knowledge and experience in art, science and philo- sophy into a single periodic journal, emphasizing the positive application of human abilities toward a brighter future for all live forms". Fanzine, an all-fiction companion to the non-fiction fanzine Dark Messenger. The second issue was delayed when the contents were lost by the printer. It was eventually reconstructed and issued out of order, after 7.

Cumulative online magazine. Issues are identified only by hashtags in items published on the website.