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If you plan to stick close to school in the summer months, determine if internship opportunities exist in the area. Size of Campus In addition to the location of the campus, consider the geographic size of the campus.

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Do you want a school where you might have to trek from building to building, taking trains or buses to reach some of your classes? Or do you prefer a small campus, where all the buildings are in close proximity? These are important lifestyle questions that can significantly affect your day-to-day life as a student. Meal Plans Do the schools offer affordable meal plans?

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  • Do students partake in these plans and enjoy the food? Are the meal plans required? Schools located in metropolitan areas, like George Washington University, allow students to set up accounts for debit cards. The debit cards can then be used in campus dining halls and at restaurants throughout Washington, D.

    These activities may include clubs associated with a field of study, recreational sports, volunteer groups, and religious organizations.

    How Many Years Can I Receive Financial Aid for College?

    Sports Participation There are many metrics to consider when thinking about college sports: percentage of student athletes, fan participation, and team rankings. I definitely considered fan participation when I decided to go to the University of Florida. There is nothing like cramming into a loud and spirited stadium every Saturday in the fall with 90, of your closest friends! Safety Statistics Safety statistics are an important metric of campus life. How well are students protected from crimes?

    How many college police officers are there compared to the number of enrolled students? Some students go to college to party, and hope to get an education on the side. If life takes you around the world, it will be nice to know that you have connections, no matter where you go.

    8 Things You Should Invest In When You Graduate College - The Financial Diet

    Additionally, a strong alumni network can help you find a job, and the network is essential in the job hunting process for some great career fields , such as finance. Demographics Schools always publish demographics information, such as gender, race, and religion. Transportation Do the schools offer transportation around campus, as well as transportation to off-campus locations such as bookstores, apartments, and shopping?

    Financial Aid

    Parking can be a huge ordeal at some schools, causing many students a lot of frustration. On some campuses, first-year students cannot have cars on campus at all, without special permission. Some schools require that students sign agreements related to their spirituality, or follow some sort of honor code, which might require that students abstain from drinking, or regularly attend church, among other things. These schools will be staffed with professors and faculty who are like-minded, sharing many common religious beliefs.

    If you are not religious, you may not be comfortable signing a morality agreement or following an honor code, but you may still find a place in a school that has close ties to spirituality. Cost Unless you already have a large college savings fund, cost is probably an important metric for you. Remember to include room and board, along with tuition, when calculating the total costs for attending a school. Financial Aid Qualification Some schools are more likely to hand out student aid than others. If you know you will need help paying for college, look for schools that meet the needs of students requesting financial aid.

    If you will need financial aid, closely examine the types of financial aid packages available to enrolled students.

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    Working Students Many college students work while they attend school, but some schools have a higher number of working students and encourage work more than others. Many schools also offer work-study opportunities for students in need of financial aid; the jobs offered by the schools can supplement loans and grants.

    For example, Berry College in Northwest Georgia is known for having a large number of students who are employed, and offers hundreds of different jobs to students. On the other hand, some schools emphasize education first, and have no sympathy for students who also have to work. Application Fees Application fees can add up, especially if you plan to apply to a lot of schools. If money is a factor in the application process, you may want to pass on applying to a school with a high application fee, especially if the chances that you will get accepted and attend the school are small.

    In addition to looking at various metrics, you can also check out national rankings of colleges. Here are some of the most well-known national college rankings:. Tip : All of these websites now include an interactive table to customize your search for a school. You can create your own rankings from the results.

    9 Things You Should Know About Money

    Looking for the perfect college can be difficult, but you can simplify the process by focusing on important goals for your college career. Instead of analyzing each of these metrics for every college on your list, just pick the most important ones, based on your needs. What metrics did you use to find a school? What was especially important for your college experience? These programs are now available for only percent of the semesters that the college publishes as the typical time it takes students to complete their degree or certificate.

    Keep in mind, however, that the Direct Loan program has both annual and aggregate borrowing limits, so even within the percent time frame, a student may hit his aggregate borrowing limit and be restricted in his loan eligibility. Limited Institutional Monies: Some schools do not give undergraduates institutional grant funds or scholarships for more than eight semesters. Pell Eligibility: Students who are eligible for federal Pell Grants are subject to a lifetime limit of six years of funding.

    While some donors will work hard to make sure their chosen recipient maintains full use of the awarded funds, some donors will be more restrictive. What if you are a fifth, sixth, or seventh year undergraduate running into these limiting factors and you still need money to cover college costs? We advise students to check their state financing authority or higher education commission website for any loan opportunities available beyond the fourth year of an undergraduate education.

    In some states, students may be able to secure education loans under their own name.

    Questions about Financial Aid

    All forms are available on the Financial Aid Forms web page. Please be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully and submit all required supporting documentation. Can I still get financial aid if I am not enrolled full-time? Additionally, to receive financial aid cash disbursements, many students can qualify for as little as 1 unit. However, this can vary from student to student and the amount of the disbursement will be less than the full award amount. Do I have to turn in anything else to receive financial aid? How will I know? Most students will have to submit additional forms or documents to complete their financial aid file.

    Introduction: College admissions

    Submit any required documents ASAP! Your financial aid cannot be awarded until all required documents have been received and reviewed. We are happy to accept your documents via fax or email. You can find our fax number and email address on our home page online. We use this process to make sure the income and other information that you reported is accurate. Most people are randomly selected for verification. Those selected for verification are selected by the application processing center, not by Contra Costa College, although CCC has the authority to request verification documents on a case-by-case basis. How long will it take until I hear back?

    Processing time can vary throughout the year. Peak processing times tend to occur around the beginning of each semester, which can increase the processing time.