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How can text message marketing help your organization?
  1. Text Message and SMS Marketing: How It Works, Best Practices, and How to Use It
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  3. Text Marketing | Text Message Marketing | SMS Marketing Made Easy!

With Sparkcentral you get access to following capabilities:. Agents using the Sparkcentral Agent Desktop serve more customers while feeling less overwhelmed. Agents are served messages from all digital channels including SMS and social media channels in a single queue. Customers can also build automation to make sure agents works on the messages important to the business before other messages. Sparkcentral provides you advanced analytics and metrics that have traditionally been applied only in contact center support teams: average handling time, first response rates, time-to-resolution, etc.

Once your setup is complete, bi-directional communication is enabled for your phone number and you can provide customer service via SMS. Chatbots can help you engage new customers and respond to existing customers in a timely manner, reducing response times and driving resolution without involving agents on your SMS channels.

Advanced SMS customer service reporting and analytics functionality help brands understand and act on customer and team data in real-time and historically. SMS Customer Service can be used to significantly lower contact center costs while improving customer experience. Deflect inbound calls by offering customers the ability to text you. You can even greet callers with this option within your IVR. Customers receive a push notification to begin the interaction and always have the option to receive a callback if they change their minds. Learn More. Sign up for a demo.

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Discover the possibilities. During a discovery session, our experts will work with you to identify the right pilot application. Operationalize your plan. Our onboarding process includes everything from agent skills to staffing to setting KPIs. You can be up and running in just a few weeks. Launch your pilot. Watch customer satisfaction and loyalty improve, agent productivity rise, and customer service costs decrease.

Text Message and SMS Marketing: How It Works, Best Practices, and How to Use It

Request a demo. Automated Message Distribution The core of a digital customer service platform Productive Agent Desktop Agent productivity reduces cost and agent attrition Reporting and Analytics Learn. Message Us! What is Business SMS? Simple outbound notifications: Payment reminders Appointment reminders Order or booking confirmations Receipts Delivery notifications Two-factor authentication … and more. Interactive customer service and support: Billing inquiries Product questions Technical issues Engagement with personal advisors Scheduling and rescheduling of appointments Shipping and returns Customer onboarding activities … and more.

Why should you choose a business messaging service? And then tries to fulfil the need as efficiently, as effectively and most importantly, as profitably as possible. The same rules apply to SMS marketing. When sending out your texts, make sure that there is a rhyme and reason to them, that they are being sent at just the right moment and to the right people. Preaching done, let me give you some concrete tips! The first step is to get clarity, and the best way to do that is to ask yourself questions.

What am I marketing?

Why am I marketing this? Who am I marketing this to? And so on. You can start by answering the first question; some things that are usually marketed or communicated via SMS are:. Sales and offers. Delivery updates. Appointment reminders. Important news. Who are you marketing to?

Why Capterra is Free

If you are, say, SMSing senior citizens, make sure the message is well-punctuated, devoid of slang and modern jargon and gets directly to the point. This has been but one example of how getting clarity and adapting your strategy by questioning it even if those questions get harsh at times works, and in this rapidly changing world, adapting is crucial to survival. The keyword and the shortcode are two of the most important components of SMS marketing.

What is the keyword? In the kind of interactive text where the lead has to reply with a specific word or phrase, that word or phrase is called the keyword. What is the shortcode? Well, a large portion of SMS marketers use the sort of services wherein replies are not supported by the sender which sent the promotional text, so you might have to send the keyword explained above to a specific number.

Why is it important to have a keyword and a shortcode? Firstly, a keyword is precise; the intention of the sender is clear. Secondly, a shortcode is easy to type and remember. Thirdly, it prevents digital clutter from accumulating. Lastly, several keywords can be used on the same shortcode for different actions. How do you make your message personal? One very effective method of going about this is to include tons of pronouns. Why should make your message personal?

An impersonal message is incredibly run-of-the-mill and reeks of cold-selling, and nobody wants to hear borderline corporate-speak. Instead, when you make your message personal, you make the lead feel like they deserve your attention and that they are being attended to as well. It can also alleviate bad moods, such as blues, as it gives off a feeling of warmth. SMS marketing is an art, and like an effective speech, rhetoric and fillers have to be carefully employed.

Text Marketing | Text Message Marketing | SMS Marketing Made Easy!

The best way of doing so is to include a CTA, or a call-to-action, which is usually a prompt directing the lead to follow through, usually by clicking a hyperlink. The U. Similarly, something austere like an insurance scheme is better advertised in the morning on a weekday. SMS marketing is great for initiating relationships, however, most marketers make the fatal mistake of not cultivating and growing the relationship, which makes the lead feel alienated from your campaign.

Refer to previous exchanges, send out person-specific offers and some well-timed follow-up messages, such as feedback forms, go a long way towards making leads feel part of the brand. Beware, however, of going overboard, as too many messages will lead to your campaign being perceived as annoying and intrusive. Nobody likes to hear a monologue, but everybody loves a dialogue, therefore, make the message as interactive as possible.

While the scope for interaction in SMS is not as high as, say, a message sent via social media, they can still be made pretty interactive. The first and foremost element that will make your message more interactive is a hyperlink, covered previously when I talk about CTAs. Another efficient way of making your texts more interactive is to send questionnaires powered by the servers. If, somehow, you were able to identify those using iOS devices, you could include animated gifs or emojis whatever new-fangled technology the kids are using on SMS these days!

Instead of sending out a protracted link that usurps precious characters and makes the SMS ugly, you could use a link-shortening service to preserve space and make the message attractive. You could, for instance, if you run a digital store, send a coupon code exclusively to your SMS-minions, boosting their loyalty and your audience.

enter You could work very hard to reach the top. You could choose to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and remain oblivious to the technological advancements. You could sacrifice leisure for doing something which a machine can do without getting tired. See what I mean? Work hard, but more importantly, work smart. The way to incorporate that into your SMS marketing campaign is by automating your campaign.

Once you have the data of your leads, segregate them on whatever basis you wish to. I usually have three groups, i.