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Publication Order of Mercedes Thompson Books

Meanwhile, I might have a lot to learn from a brother in a rural or suburban area that is sacrificially and passionately serving the poor. Our cheesesteak is a legend that deserves all the hype it gets. It can be a tempting offer for a pastor in a low income neighborhood. But there are pitfalls too—the pastor has taken valuable time away from discipling his people, and the people in the church have been taught that the only real hope, the only real exciting times are when the church can get help from teenagers in the suburbs.

A few years back, a pastor contacted us from a nearby neighborhood. His church was in a neighborhood even poorer than ours, and he had been there for over ten years. He seemed to be a great guy. He had gone to a couple of sound, evangelical seminaries and was preaching the gospel.

But the bulk of his ministry had been bringing in missions trips in from the suburbs. The steady stream of groups had refitted two houses next to the church with showers, kitchens and space for more large groups to come. The church building had benefited from all these groups as well, and his office wall was filled with pictures of smiling teams.

But he was burnt out and discouraged. He was leaving the city and was looking for someone to give his three beautiful buildings away to. His story is a constant reminder to me that my focus as a pastor needs to be on discipling in my church and evangelizing in my neighborhood. The challenge is getting the gospel to flourish in my own sinful heart and in the hearts of the members of my church.

When he first arrived in China as a missionary, he had an immediate disagreement with how most missionaries were working there. Most missionaries were staying in the coastal cities where things were easier—they could speak English, mingle with diplomats, and enjoy many of the comforts of home, courtesy of the constant trade.

Taylor recognized that very few Chinese were actually hearing the gospel and being discipled this way. Many of his fellow missionaries spent a lot of their time holding services in English for the sailors and merchants from their home countries. But Taylor wanted to push further into the continent and culture of China to reach the people of China. Using this model of ministry, much of China heard the gospel. The same is true today, especially in low income neighborhoods. You can borrow the vibe, convenience and allure of the city without ever actually discipling anyone from the city.

We need to eat, sleep and breathe our neighborhoods and the people in them. We need to evangelize our neighborhood by growing genuine disciples of Jesus from the neighborhood, not by trying to get people from the suburbs to do the work.

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Jesus told us Matt. Wet water, Philly cheesesteaks and urban ministry make you wonder where the person is spending most of their time. Inevitably and quickly with the proper amount of feigned humility of course , I would steer the conversation to let them know about a street fight that broke out after youth group or the time I needed stitches in my face after three guys attacked me after church one morning. I wanted them to know that my church was racially diverse and in a rough neighborhood. Sure, I was technically on the same side as the other soldiers.

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But my background was more intense. My missions were harder and more important. While the other soldiers were out just doing regular soldier stuff, I was behind enemy lines with my bazooka doing more to win the war then they could ever dream of. I was Rambo, and everyone else was just regular joe soldier. I secretly relished the opportunity to make that distinction clear. Third, there are no special forces in the New Testament—just good soldiers and bad soldiers. Paul told Timothy to be a good soldier 2 Tim Jesus is special. All too often, our conversations especially as pastors reveal the desire of our heart to make our ministries more important than Jesus Himself.

Fourth, Jesus has servants not heroes. We do it with urban ministry and with anything else we think makes our church special small groups, church membership, music philosophy etc. This is all true. Does he thank the servant because he did what was commanded?

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  8. Being just an unworthy servant takes a lot of pressure off of me, too. Sixth, when we get our identity as pastors from urban ministry, our war stories scare more people away from the city rather than attract them to it. Again, this is all just my personal confession time here, but there was a long time where I loved to thrill people with just how hard-core life in the city really is. Plus, scaring people with sin stories is just going to shock them, but sharing big and little victories that Jesus is winning in the city will attract them to Jesus—and maybe even to the city.

    So what do you call something that you talk about too much, separates you from other Christians, and makes you feel superior?

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    4. For me, urban ministry was an idol in my heart for many years. Here in America we love outsourcing. I want to be clear here. I think they do.

      Moon Called (Mercy Thompson Series #1)

      In the Old Testament, Israel had specific instructions to care for the widows, orphans and outsiders Exodus —24; Proverbs ; Deuteronomy — In the New Testament, Jesus and the Apostles model and teach the importance of loving the poor James —17; 1 John —18; Matthew — Lily admits to hurting people to make Marina remember but Marina tells her that they made Mercy up and shes not real. Lily stabs Marina and threatens to slit Bryce's throat if she doesnt stop her.

      Then after Bryce escapes, Lily gets to him, about to slit his throat when, Marina charges at her, tackling Lily to the ground and then began choking her out but releasing shortly after. Bryce then stabs her in the eye. And says "I promised". Mercy black then appears behind them.

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      And Marina says "No.. Writer-director Egerton said he began researching childhood crimes after the Slender Man stabbing. Bell had been granted a new identity after being released from jail, but tabloid reporters discovered her new identity. Producers wanted the protagonist to be innocent, but Egerton told them that the story depended on facing one's past. Mercy Black was released on Netflix with no advance notice on March 31, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mercy Black Official poster. This article needs an improved plot summary. July Retrieved The Austin Chronicle. Entertainment Weekly.

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