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The other is common to all living creatures; it is of the earth, earthy, transitory, and destined to come to an end.

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And he who possesses nothing better nor higher than this life, must at last perish and become extinct. The psuche -life we obtain through generation; the zoe -life through re-generation. The latter comes to us from another source, through a different channel; it is of a different nature, spiritual and divine.

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It is the life of God, through which alone we become partakers of the divine nature. This life we do not now in reality possess. The evidence and representative of this life for the present time, is the Holy Spirit, which we have in our hearts.

And this is the only life that takes hold upon the future. In the former passage Lycurgus teaches that an honorable death is to be chosen, rather than a long and shameful existence, a vita non vitalis a life not livable because all the reasons for living are gone. Plato distinguished between the words themselves, as well as their derivatives.

"Arrow" The Thanatos Guild (TV Episode ) - IMDb

Although bios, not zoe, is used in an ethical sense in classical Greek, in Scripture the opposite seems to be the case. In the New Testament zoe is the more noble word and expresses the highest and best that the saints possess in God. Thus we read of the "crown of life [zoes]" Rev.

Sometimes zoe is used by itself Matt.

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All of these examples illustrate the highest blessedness of the creature. Contrast the preceding examples with the following uses of bios:"pleasure of life [biou]" Luke ; "affairs of this life [biou]" 2 Tim. How may we explain these differences? Only revealed religion relates death and sin as necessary correlatives Gen. Only God's Word proclaims that wherever death exists, sin was there first.

And wherever there is life, sin has not existed or has been expelled. Because Scripture reveals that death came into the world only through sin, life is the correlative of holiness. Against this background, zoe assumes profound moral significance and becomes the best way to express blessedness.

Absolute zoe is synonymous with absolute holiness. For [the] last will diatheke of dead nekros ones is fixed, since it is not in force while the one making the last will diatithemai is living zao. LIVE 24 Mt.

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I have been crucified with the Anointed One; and I no longer live zao , but the Anointed One lives zao within me; and what I now live zao in flesh, I live zao by trust in the Son of God who is loving me and giving himself to benefit me. The alternative to "live spiritually" is "dead spiritually" as in Rev. I know your works, that you have a name that you are living zao but you are dead nekros. LIVE 45 Jn. LIVE 10 Rom.

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For example, Jn.